The OII Australia board

Organisation Intersex International Australia Limited (OII Australia) is a not-for-profit Public Benevolent Institution with a volunteer board and no paid staff.

Morgan Carpenter

Morgan Carpenter – President

Morgan Carpenter was elected to the role of president in 2013. Morgan migrated permanently to Australia in 2005. A founding director of OII Australia, Morgan was diagnosed late, with a complex surgical history. Morgan wrote our submissions to Senate Inquiries on anti-discrimination legislation, and involuntary or coerced sterilisation, and also participated in hearings on those Inquiries. Morgan participated in the first intersex side event at the UN Human Rights Council, is an advisor to the first Intersex Human Rights Fund, managed by Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice, and speaks nationally and internationally. Morgan has been widely published, including by ABC The Drum, SBS The Feed, and The Guardian.

Tony Briffa

Tony Briffa JP – Vice-President

Tony Briffa returns to the role of vice-president. Tony is one of Australia’s first intersex advocates, appearing on 60 Minutes in 2000, and published in Nature in 2004. Tony more recently presented a statement to the UN Human Rights Council, in 2014. Tony has also been a councillor of Hobsons Bay in Melbourne, where she was the first openly intersex person elected to public office and the world’s first openly intersex Mayor. A former president of AISSGA and a member of previous Victorian Ministerial Advisory Groups, Tony Briffa was elected to the roles of vice-president and secretary of OII Australia in September 2013, retired on 9 November 2014 but returned to the board on 27 April 2015. Tony speaks nationally and internationally on intersex issues.

CeeCee Cody

CeeCee Cody – Treasurer

Appointed during 2014, CeeCee was a founding member of the not-for-profit XXY Brain Trust, registered in the USA as Beyond XXY Inc. She has also been the manager of an online community for XXY people.

Alex David

Alex David – Board Member

Alex was born with an ambiguous sex and raised as female until age 18 at which time Alex was told of their intersex status and then realigned to male. Alex now identifies as gender neutral. In recent years, Alex has gradually been getting more involved in activism for intersex people and LGBTIQA communities in general. Alex is also currently completing studies in Computer Science at Queensland University of Technology. Alex joined the board of OII Australia in July 2015.

Karin Gottschalk – Board Member

Karin Gottschalk is an educator, filmmaker, journalist, photographer and writer, and was a founding director and secretary of OII Australia. Karin conceived, co-founded and was European Contributing Editor for a magazine on art, creativity and photography developed with the aim of changing Australian creative culture through storytelling in words and pictures. She volunteers for The Greens as the intersex member of their NSW LGBTI policy working group.

Bonnie Hart

Bonnie Hart – Board Member

Bonnie Hart is an XY woman and is also the president of the AIS Support Group Australia. She has many years experience talking with other intersex people about their experiences and issues. Bonnie is an interdisciplinary artists and performer. Her intersex story was first told publicly in the documentary she made with her sister, Orchids; My Intersex Adventure (2010). Bonnie joined the board of OII Australia in July 2015.

Andie Hider

Andie Hider – Board Member

Andie has partial AIS and has been involved in intersex advocacy and support since 1999. Andie has been a past president and vice president of the AISSGA, for many years holding the position of VP medical liaison, consulting with clinicians. She was also a committee member of the Genetic Support Network of Victoria between 2000 and 2005. Andie has served on the Victorian Government Attorney General’s GLBTI Ministerial Advisory Committee. She has published a number of articles about intersex and ethics, and is also published internationally on the subject of rule of law and human development. Andie joined the board of OII Australia in July 2015.