Media reports

Various media reports on intersex issues.

LOTL: Intersex 101, “The Silent”

LOTL: Intersex 101, “The Silent”

The June 2009 issue of LOTL magazine has published an article written by OII Australia member EarthAngel, titled The Silent. It is an introduction to intersex for the magazine’s readers.

The Age on Tony Briffa: “Choosing the right gender”

Tony Briffa in The Age: Choosing the right gender

Despite a difficult childhood, Tony Briffa is a resilient pragmatist with a wonderful sense of humour, writes Lily Bragge. When Tony Briffa was born at Altona Hospital in 1970, doctors were unable to determine his gender. The younger of a set of twins, Briffa’s sister Catherine was confidently announced to be a girl, but for…
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