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Tony Briffa joins OII Australia

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…a said that, Shared membership of both organisations is welcomed as a demonstration of our closer working relationships and mutual respect. Gina Wilson, president of OII Australia, welcomed Tony saying that, I warmly welcome Tony Briffa to OII Australia and in becoming a member of OII Australia to the broader international activities of OII. Tony is a well-known and long-time activist for intersex rights. Tony has also had much wider engagement…

Marriage equality: Tony speaks at Senate hearing on recognition of foreign marriages

The Guardian: Senators told same-sex couples who marry overseas can be left in legal limbo

…intersex people in Australian birth certificates and passports is not germane to the terms of the Bill subject to this inquiry, the committee urges the Commonwealth government to give further consideration to the evidence of Tony Briffa regarding intersex rights and intersex marriage and to how these issues can be addressed. We thank the Committee for these welcome statements. A dissenting report by Tasmanian Labor Senator Carol Brown also made…

Tony Briffa on ABC’s 7.30 report

…rticle. Tony did a brilliant job at explaining some of the issues that intersex people face, and raised both the non-consensual medicalisation of intersex people and marriage equality as outstanding issues for our community. Tony Briffa: People that are intersex like me are a combination of male and female. We were just born that way. That’s what nature made us. And we should be able to be recognised as a combination of male and female if…

GNN interviews Tony Briffa: a new quest for human rights

MCV interviewes Tony Briffa

Rachel Cook in MCV/Gay News Network interviews Tony Briffa in a great extended review of Tony’s life and work, published today. On finding out about Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome and taking testosterone: At the age of 29, (after she had been in a straight marriage with a man for two years from 19 to 21 and after coming out as a lesbian at 26), Briffa was told the truth about her condition. “I had some idea about what had…

Five years of OII Australia, the company

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…ations of Klinefelter Syndrome. 22 May 2010: Gina gives a TEDx talk in Sydney. 2010: The movie Orchids, My Intersex Adventure, by AISSGA’s Phoebe and Bonnie Hart, is released. It includes segments with Chris Somers and Tony Briffa. 2011 X marks the spot 3-5 September 2011: Gina Wilson participates in the first International Intersex Forum, in Belgium. October 2011: We write on improved access to “X” passports. Members of OII…

Congratulations, Tony and Manja!

…y Syndrome (PAIS), one of many intersex variations, and Tony’s birth certificate does not state a sex. Marriage in Australia is currently only permissible between a man and a woman, and Tony is not eligible. Tony is able to marry in New Zealand because legislation providing marriage equality was passed earlier this year. Tony has had to declare an “indeterminate” gender for the purposes of today’s marriage. Photo: Tony