Intersex 101 workshop: What is intersex, what does it mean to be intersex, and what are intersex life experiences like?

There is a lot of confusion about what intersex is and isn’t. Is it part of LGBTIQ? Is it allied with trans, or sex and gender diverse people? Is it an identity or a biological state?

Hear us speak for ourselves.

In a workshop run entirely by intersex people, we will present information on the nature of intersex, our history in medicine and the intersex civil rights movement.

This workshop, part of Camp Betty 2011, is run by members of Organisation Intersex International Australia, one of the country’s few groups by and for ¬†intersex people.

Update, 24 June

OII Australia wishes to thank the organizers of Camp Betty for inviting us to present an Intersex 101. Our speakers were Gina Wilson and Morgan, and other OII Australia members, intersex and non-intersex friends of OII Australia were in the audience.

All photos by Karin. Click a thumbnail to see larger images.

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This page is not intended as an introduction to intersex.