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Video: Adele’s Story, “I’m 80% Girl, 20% Boy”, by Maxx Ginnane

Here’s a short documentary film made by London-based Australian director Maxx Ginnane about a woman named Adele and her struggles with the UK medical system. Maxx is currently working on a longer version of this film. The video is also available at…

Video: Chris Somers xxy interviewed in Orchids

Chris in Orchids

Chris Somers xxy, Vice President of OII Australia, features in this video segment from Orchids: My Intersex Adventure, via a nice piece by Anna North on Buzzfeed via the Huffington Post.   Hart was diagnosed with androgen insensitivity syndrome — in which the body is chromosomally male but doesn’t respond to testosterone… In the film, she visits other people with intersex conditions, some of whom have faced discrimination. Be…

Video: Del LaGrace Volcano interviewed by Morgan for OII Australia

OII member and photographer Del LaGrace Volcano, in an interview by Morgan Carpenter of OII Australia for our ‘Intersex 101′ workshop at Camp Betty in Sydney. The interview was carried out using Skype, so we apologise in advance for the audio/visual quality. Del talks through the basics about intersex and trans, giving his own personal story….

Video/interview: Daléa talks about intersex and happiness

Video/interview: Daléa talks about intersex and happiness

Daléa Rundblad is a master of symphonic rock living in New York, and she talks gently here about some big issues: living with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome, intersex, bodies, family, disclosure and happiness. I’m here to tell you that different doesn’t mean wrong. I’m here to tell you that where you come from does not have to define where you go. Update: Cosmopolitan interview Cosmopolitan explain: Musician Dalea talks abo…

Video: Hida Viloria interviewed by Alix Iron for OII Australia

Here’s OII chairperson, Hida Viloria, in an excellent interview by Alix Iron for our ‘Intersex 101′ workshop at Camp Betty in Sydney. Intersex 101, by Alix Iron and Hida Viloria from OII Australia on Vimeo. Hida and Alix talk through the basics about intersex, and give their own personal stories. Hida also talks about her experience of dialogue with International Olympic Committee regarding Caster Semenya….

Video: Paediatric surgeon Mika Venhola on intersex

Mika Venhola is a Deputy Chief of the Oulu University Hospital Department of Pediatrics and Adolescence. We included a partial transcript of this interview in one of our submissions to the Australian Senate Inquiry on involuntary or coerced sterilisation. Why operate on the child’s body if the problem is in the minds of the adults? Some extracts from this groundbreaking interview: When I was training to become a paediatric surgeon I was taugh…